PCA Call Package Guidelines


The Call Package Guidelines have been updated to include new material based on feedback from our churches and presbyteries.  Sections enhanced include those related to salary and the shortcomings of lump-sum call packages; sections added include proper uses of the document, counseling & coaching and sabbaticals.  Copies of the new version of the Call Package Guidelines may be requested from our office or downloaded using the following link:  PCA Call Package Guidelines.


The 40th PCA General Assembly originally approved the PCA Call Package Guidelines designed by PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc.  To read or learn more about the Guidelines, please see below and the video that was shown at the 40th General Assembly.

A survey of PCA Teaching Elders revealed that a significant majority of ordained ministers in the PCA desire more guidance in structuring their call packages.   In response, PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc. created the Guidelines. The Guidelines provide practical guidance regarding call package content and structure, covering the essential elements of TE call packages and review other important compensation and tax issues affecting ministers. REs, TEs and TE spouses are encouraged to review this information to enhance their understanding of well-structured call packages. In addition to the Guidelines, RBI developed Presbytery Resources to aid in the implementation and use of the Guidelines.